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At Shining Peak Brewing, we proudly take our name from our province – Taranaki. In Te Reo Māori, tara means mountain peak and naki is thought to come from ngaki meaning shining – referring to the mountain’s winter snow cover.


Our beers are brewed onsite at 59 Gill Street by Head Brewer Jesse Sigurdsson and team. It’s here you can sample our range of beers straight from the tap, enjoyed with food from our eatery, prepared by award winning Head Chef – Freddie Ponder. We also have a bit of spiritual nourishment in mind too, which is why we dedicate 5% of beer revenues to local charities and organisations.

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At Shining Peak we’re strong believers that every business should have a social mission at its core. Our mission is for our beer to make the world a better place.


Every month 5% of our beer revenues from our venues, are donated to a different local Taranaki organisation. Not profits…… revenues, that’s approximately 30 to 50% of our venue’s profit – we give away to local organisations each and every month. No terms and conditions, no small print – we just put the money straight into the back pockets of important local organisations and charities here in Taranaki.

Drink Beer, Do Good. 

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Limited Release 440ml cans

Scrub Cutter

 This beer is brewed in the style of an English Brown Ale, but we’ve liberally added 80kg of MGO 85+ Manuka Honey, which accounted for over 30 percent of the beer’s fermentable sugars.

Scrub Cutter.png

 This beer is brewed in the style of an English Brown Ale, but we’ve liberally added 80kg of MGO 85+ Manuka Honey, which accounted for over 30 percent of the beer’s fermentable sugars.

Lucky Six

We’ve brewed this West Coast IPA with Strata and Idaho-7 hops giving it a lovely combination of strawberry and guava notes.

Proof Stout.png

Honey Brown Ale 6.2%

Coffee Stout 7.0%

Peak Petrol

"Taranaki's own high-octane fuel' eventually fell away to the multinationals, but we're paying tribute with this high-octane brew, loaded with a ridiculous amount of American and NZ grown hops that leave a tropical, resinous slick on the tongue.

Battle Axe

This Scotch Ale will present  rich and smokey with hints of peated whisky.


NZ IPA 7.0%

WCIPA 7.0%

Bullock & Barge

We've brewed this Oyster Baltic Porter in collaboration with Mahurangi Oysters (Warkworth) - A celebration of the rich marriage between Malt and Mollusc; Taranaki and Tāmaki Makaurau.

Chew Chong.png
Gung Ho!

Snaggletooth is an India Pale Ale with a light malt body, stone fruit citrus & piney hop characters. This IPA might have some bite, but ultimately it gives you some great flavours you can really sink your teeth into!

4x6 cans / 50L Kegs

Double skunk.png

Saison 5.2%
Released September


Hazy IPA 8.0% 
Released September

Vintage '21

We’ve been able to create this complex and rich brew that is perfect for winter nights, and will also cellar extremely well as it gains complexity with ageing.

Vintage stout.png

Sold Out
'22 Vintage
Tennessee whisky barrel aged 11%
650ml bottle

Petite Pegasus

Tropical Hazy Session IPA with NZ and US Hops

4x6 petite pegasus.png

This brew is the quintessential summer refresher. Plenty of hop character, with a restrained bitterness so the lighter body isn't overpowered.

Greyhound 4x6.png

A classic New Zealand style Pilsner ths brew has a lush,

fruity character.

4x6 bog works.png
Fanny Fanthams

German Style Pilsner. Light and crisp, but with a pleasant malt sweetness.

4x6 Fanny Fanthams.png

Petite Pegasus 
4x6 cans / 330ml cans / 50L kegs

Greyhound Pale Ale
Low Carb
4x6 cans / 330ml cans / 50l kegs 

Fanny Fanthams Lager
4x6 Cans / 330ml cans / 50L kegs 

Bogworks Pilsner
4x6 / 330ml cans / 50L kegs

Little Fake

Pineapple character layered over orange and zingy gooseberry character. This beer punches above it’s weight as it took out a Gold Medal at the recent Australia International Beer Awards in May.

4x6 little fake.png

Resinous American Pale Ale with Citra, Centennial, Simcoe and Amarillo Hops.

4x6 highwayman.png
Octopus Clamp

Traditional German style Schwarzbier (Dark Lager) with smooth chocolate and roasty flavours.

Octopus Clamp Can.png

Little Fake XPA
4x6 cans / 330ml cans / 50L kegs

Highwayman APA 
4x6 cans / 330ml cans / 50L kegs

Octopus Clamp Dark Lager
330ml cans / 50L kegs

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