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Kombucha Bros

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Jake and Brandon have been besties since their uni days - always getting amongst some awesome adventures both in New Zealand and back in their home country of the United States. Both Jake and Brandon have science backgrounds with a joint interest and love for fermenting pretty much anything that’s good for you. Fermenting, partnered with a good sense of humour, a shared passion for the outdoors and Kiwi spirit, brought these two ‘brothers’ together. We thank you for joining us in our journey of great kombucha for ‘late shakers and early wakers’ as we bring the fun side to everything kombucha!


Raw Wholesome ingredients.

That's It.

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Kombucha Original Series - Non Alcoholic


The deliciously refreshing Yuzu, Blueberry & Collagen kombucha range has landed! Prepare to be blown away by the sweet citrusy Yuzu notes, perfectly combined with whole ...

Yuzu Blueberry & Collagen 0%

330ml / 1.25L 

Beyond Balance


Cold pressed whole ginger root brings big ginger nose, nice ginger spice, delicate carbonation and a floral finish from the sencha green tea. Packed with vitamin C 

Slow Pressed Ginger 0%

330ml / 1.25L 

Slow Pressed Ginger


The better cranberry- coupled with our Green tea kombucha, our hibiscus tea kombucha has a red fruit bouquet and delivers a tart supple taste full of antioxidants and super high ...

Pure Hibiscus

330ml / 1.25L 

Pure Hibiscus

Kombucha Hard Series -  Alcoholic 5.5%


100% Naturally fermented. Our passion fruit kombucha created with an all natural triple ferment to a sturdy 5.5% ABV resulting in a tasty passion fruit style juicy cocktail that

Passionfruit Easy Series

330ml / 1.25L 


Gin Blend Kombucha


Sencha green tea kombucha blended slow pressed whole root ginger juice and a beautifully aromatic gin made with juniper, coriander seeds, rosemary, cinnamon, orange zest and lime 


Gin Blend 


 100% Naturally fermented product. Our blood orange kombucha brings a truly zesty local flavor of brilliant blood oranges. Real organic tea, water, organic sugar and famous local citrus. Naturally fermented to produce a wonderfully delicious, bubbly, alcoholic kombucha.

Blood Orange Easy Series

330ml / 1.25L 

Blood Orange

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