Have You Ever Tried a Syrah Rose? How About a Noble Riesling?

Kirk Bray of Georges Road in Wapara Valley made a barrel of rose wine from Syrah as an experiment in 2012. As there are not too many Syrah Rose's in NZ it was a 'winemakers punt' that it will work - but one that paid off as he liked it so much that he made it a more commercial proposition for 2013.

Try: Georges Road Rose 2013

A fresh vibrant Syrah Rose. Dry, with attractive aromas of red fruit, pepper and spice notes. Superb summer wine.

Having worked in Germany Kirk is familiar with late harvest and botrytised wines, so when a quantity of heavily botrytised Riesling fruit came up, he knew what he had to do - make a sweet wine out of it!

Also Try: Georges Road Noble Riesling 2013

Fully botrytised Riesling grapes and delivate winemaking have yielded a superbly balanced wine. Aromas of ripe citrus, apricot with caramel notes. Moderate sweetness with good acidity and supberb length

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