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Add a wine out of the ordinary to your Summer list

Bannock Brae Gruner Veltliner 2015 -

Austria's favourite white wine variety.

Catherine and Crawford Brown have transformed a rabbit-ruined paddock into an award-winning vineyard that's an oeno-nirvana of pinot noir, riesling and now gruner veltliner


Bracing layers of acidity slice apart the white nectarine, lime and seashell notes of this wine. The signature white of Austria has clearly found a happy home in our deep south.

NZ Herald,- Canvas Yvonne Lorkin is a wine retailer, wine writer and member of the Wine Writers of NZ.

Also Reviewed by Michael Cooper (Wine of the Week - Listener July 2016)

Awarding this vintage 4.5 Stars -

Gru-Vee, (if you find the full name a bit much) is an exotic alternative to Sav Blanc, and worth

consideration for your summer list - food pairing - think spice, Gru-vee is crisp and a perfect palate cleanser for richly flavoured foods.

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